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They hurt you, so what!?

They hurt you…..so what!? Listen, everywhere I turn I see people ministering out of their wounds. I did it. Because I was needing healing, I should have took a moment and let God heal my heart instead. So I’m sharing this with you so that maybe you can take a moment and heal before youContinue reading “They hurt you, so what!?”


Joy. That is the word for today. Earlier I was talking to the Lord and suddenly the song “I got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart” came to mind. I wanted to see how my kids would react to me playing it. I started with My son and just as I suspected,Continue reading “Joy”


Something in you died. There was a moment, an event that took your breath away. All hope you had was ripped away. For some, you didn’t even know that you had lost your faith. You have been walking around looking alive but feeling very dead on the inside. Like a robot you have been goingContinue reading ““LIVE!””

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